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About THE seedy side of town

We are glad to have you here.

Here at The Seedy Side of Town, we believe that marijuana seeds should be available to everyone. Cannabis is one of the most useful plants humanity has ever known, and it all starts with a single seed.

We started The Seedy Side of Town as a way for us to make marijuana seeds available to whomever had an interest in this spectacular plant. Since then, we have made strong connections with many of the local seed producers, and wanted to find a way to share their talent with the rest of the UK and the world. This lead to the development of our web platform and distribution networks. Our connections with some of the leading cannabis labs in the world allow us to offer competitive pricing, and an incredible selection of seeds.

We carry feminised, autoflowering, medical grade, high THC, high CBD, outdoor, indoor, and award winning strains all under the same roof. No matter what you need from your plants, we have the strain to match.

Seedy Seeds

We have something for everyone

We carry every type of seed available from a number of different labs. Feminised seeds, medical grade, autoflowering and award winning strains are all available. Some of the strains we carry are particularly high in THC, or CBD depending on the qualities you prefer. Other seeds are assessed on their suitability for outdoor growing, or indoor.

Think about what you want from your seeds, and then have a look through our selection. We have something for everyone.

Seedy Brands

We have it all

We choose to carry only the brands we are in love with. This means that everything we sell is backed by the founders of The Seedy Side Of Town. We carry well-known brands like:

Seedy Senses

Modern technology

All the seeds we carry have been assessed by our staff. We use state of the art cultivation technology to germinate, cultivate, harvest and test all of the strains going through our doors. This gives us a bit of a sixth sense on the strains we have for offer and means we understand exactly how each strain should perform.


Why shop at the seedy side of town?

We are marijuana purists. We love to see quality genetics delivered to everyone at a fair price.

We Are Economical

Seedy Side of Town

We love the seeds world, and have been in the industry for many years. During our time we have made strong connections with some of the leaders in the industry, which allows us to offer our seeds at competitive prices. We refuse to sacrifice quality for cost, so even with our cheapest seeds you can be sure that the seeds you order are of the utmost quality.

We Are Stealthy

Seedy Side of Town

In the world we live in today, cannabis remains a touchy subject. The best way to avoid any confrontation when working with a product like this is to offer as much stealth during the process as possible, starting with checkout.

All payments are processed using our secure payment system. Charges on your credit card will show up as [CONFIRM WITH CLIENT]. The package itself is then sent unmarked, with no indication that the package contains marijuana related contents.

We Are Customer Friendly

Seedy Side of Town

We wouldn’t be here today without our customers and we value each and every one. Our staff consists of friendly and knowledgeable people passionate about cannabis seeds, vaporisers, and everything hemp related. Our customer service team will do whatever they can to make your experience as smooth as possible.