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Super Mad Sky Floater

(Hash Plant x Blueberry) x NYCD

Product info

Super Mad Sky Floater Feminised Seeds Feminized seeds
Super Mad Sky Floater Weight L
Super Mad Sky Floater THC Levels Very high
Super Mad Sky Floater Taste Grapes, gasoline, fruity
Super Mad Sky Floater Effects Stoned, relaxing

Why should I buy Super Mad Sky Floater feminised seeds?

•    She is fairly easy to grow during the growth phase as well as the flowering phase, and therefore also suitable for beginners
•    Super Mad Sky Floater is a strong hybrid weed strain with a complex terpene profile. Her aroma has mainly gassy, sour and grape tones, her taste is pretty fruity and diesel-like
•    If you are looking for the best quality buds of the highest potency, then this strain is all you need. Her buds are coated in a very dense layer of trichomes with an extremely high THC content
•    This is a strain with a beautiful variety of phenotypes, ranging from pinkish/purple to green. All phenotypes have something unique to show and will carry the powerful pungent aroma and potency of the parents

Super Mad Sky Floater has a strong sour and gassy aroma with tones of berries and grape, her taste is pretty fruity and sour

Super Mad Sky Floater has a strong gassy and sour aroma of diesel, berries and grape. Overall a very fruity and sour terpene profile. This new cross has taken the complexity of a cannabis aroma & taste to a new level! She smells loud! The hybrid characteristics have influences from both the indica and sativa heritage. It is one of those strains that actually taste the way it smells. The buds become pretty dense and compact. One small bud is often enough to fill up a big joint. Once lit you will clearly taste the more fruity and sour tones. She has a fruity, gassy taste on the inhale and a sweet grape taste on the exhale. These nugs will leave you craving for more!

Super Mad Sky Floater is a variety that is easy to grow with insanely high THC levels

Super Mad Sky Floater has an extremely high THC content of more than 25% in optimum conditions and is thus very suitable for both medicinal as well as recreational growers. She isn’t hard to grow at all, she remains shorter than the average hybrid which makes her suitable for both a SOG and a SCROG type of grow. She is well suited for areas with height restrictions as long as you don’t overextend the pre-growth period. In case you want to SCROG, make sure to give her a big pot so her roots have enough space to grow big as well.

What kind of genetics are there in Super Mad Sky Floater?

Super Mad Sky Floater is a fantastically potent hybrid indica/sativa feminised seed variety with some of the highest THC levels we have ever seen. This elite hybrid is grown for the quality rather than the yields (which are still above average). THC levels between 25-30% have been seen from this variety which features genetics from Hash Plant, Blueberry and NYCD. We have taken the Blueberry x Hash Plant cross (sometimes referred as Blueberry Hash or Blue Hash) and crossed it again with a NYCD (New York City Diesel/East Coast Sour Diesel) clone. The goal was to include that pungent diesel aroma and taste to the already strong terpene profile of the Blueberry X Hash Plant. Potency was already high in both strains but with this new cross the potency even turned up another notch! This is no bud for the beginner, it has a very potent effect that will last for a very long time. It has the ability to completely blow your socks off so beware!

Super Mad Sky Floater is a well-balanced hybrid that is easy to grow and very suitable for a SOG or SCROG grow

Super Mad Sky Floater grows very vigorously, and she grows pretty wide too. This ensures you don’t need many plants in order to quickly fill up your space. She is a fast grower and therefore she usually doesn’t need a long VEG period, especially if you grow her in a SOG. About 1-2 weeks if you are growing with about 10 plants on a m2. With 16 plants per m2 you can even grow her directly on 12/12 from seed. Growers that are using just a few plants per m2 can use a growth time (18/6) of about 4 weeks. When you do a single plant in such a grow area you only need 6-8 weeks of VEG.
The sativa genetics in this cross make this variety easy to manipulate in your grow room and  also make her suitable for a SCROG grow. Total bloom time is around 9-10 weeks and growers should note that she can double/ triple in height during flowering. Those growing in larger containers may notice the most stretch. The plant is easy to handle and can easily be bent and (super)cropped, although she prefers to be placed in a SOG (sea or green).

Super Mad Sky Floater is a polyhybrid that truly excels in the hands of passionate growers. She shows a beautiful variety of phenotypes ranging from pinkish/purple to green. The difference in phenotypes is also shown in the complex and varied terpene profile that is to be found. The aroma can vary from very gassy and diesel like to a more fruity, berry and grape like aroma.
Most of the plants become medium in height, with big separate flower clusters that can become pretty compact. Her potency is what makes this strain so good. Expect resin coated buds that will sparkle tremendously especially when you hit them with a (flash)light. She is not the biggest yielder but definitely compensates with its high potency and amazing taste. Her taste is very layered and pretty unique, you just have to try it yourself, we know you won’t be disappointed!

It’s a medium to large sized plant with medium internodes. She has a pretty big stretch from the moment the lights are flipped to 12/12. Indoors she grows with solid branching and big flower clusters. Most plants will double/triple in height during flowering, so it is best to plan accordingly. They usually show the most stretch during the first and second week but some more Sativa leaning phenotypes can stretch well up to the end of the 3rd week.

The genetics used to create Super Mad Sky Floater guarantee the following traits:
•    A medium sized plant with vigorous growth that is easy to grow
•    Super Mad Sky Floater has a good stretch during flowering and can be grown on 12/12 from seed in a SOG with multiple plants per m2
•    She is one of the most potent strains we ever came across, THC levels that can be well above 25% in optimum conditions and her aroma and taste is a true connoisseur’s delight

Super Mad Sky Floater is a cannabis strain that is well suited for growers looking to have something special for in their private collection/head stash. It’s a variety that will surely leave its mark on you and is known to impress even the most hardcore smokers

Effects of Super Mad Sky Floater

Super Mad Sky Floater’s high THC content is sure to give you a strong effect that hits quickly. Overall, the effect is super relaxed with a wonderfully powerful wave of euphoria. Being a hybrid, the effect will have both physical as mental aspects. It largely depends on the phenotype too. Some will have a more stoned effect, others a more energising Sativa up-high. The combination of her unique parents has created a very complex taste and a knock-out effect. The taste is so good that you will want more and more, but beware because this will also cause a more intoxicating effect. The high THC levels will appeal to both recreational and medical growers seeking an easy grow experience with an un-compromised, massively powerful effect. One thing is for sure, she will leave you floating up high in the sky!

Super Mad Sky Floater flowering time

Super Mad Sky Floater is a medium to large sized plant with an average flowering phase of about 9-10 weeks. Most phenotypes will take around 10 weeks but there are also longer phenotypes to be found that take 11 weeks. Same goes the other way, the fastest flowering Indica dominant phenotypes can be ready just under 8 weeks. The plants will stretch significantly as soon as the clock is switched to 12/12, she can easily double and even triple in size. Especially when she is pre-grown for a long time and grown in a big pot.
She is not really suitable for growing outdoors in temperate climates. However, she can be grown in heated greenhouses or polytunnels. The best results outdoor will come when she is grown in Mediterranean climates where she receives plenty of sunlight hours each day accompanied by warm temperatures during both the day and night. In these climates (and latitudes) she can be harvested around the middle/end of October

The yield from Super Mad Sky Floater

Super Mad Sky Floater is a plant with a solid yield. She can yield about 500g/m2 in good conditions. In the hands of an expert even higher yields are possible and you might even reach 600g/m2 if she is grown perfectly. The buds are pretty firm and compact, therefore still putting down quite some weight on the scale.
Outdoors she can yield pretty high and between 500g and 1kg per plant is definitely possible to achieve. She prefers a high quality organic (living) soil and many hours of direct sunlight to yield well. Because of her average flowering time of about 10 weeks and her bud structure we recommend to grow her strictly in the more dry and sunny climates. Super Mad Sky Floater isn’t the highest yielder around, but this is well compensated by the insanely high quality of the buds.

Advice from our experts

Super Mad Sky Floater doesn’t require any special growth techniques or nutrient schedules to grow well. All she really needs is a good quality soil and nutrients (preferably organic), some TLC and a passionate grower that is willing to put some work in! She will surely repay you with an amazingly potent harvest. All in all, she is a fairly easy plant to grow and is therefore very suitable for beginners. Being a polyhybrid with a vigorous growth pattern and solid branching structure she loves being bent, cropped and supercropped. Growers that are familiar with these techniques should definitely put them to use when growing this strain. You often see that the branches which are supercropped produce very thick and strong branches which eventually will carry the heaviest flowers. Pinching, topping and FIM is recommended if you grow with just a few plants per m2. This will encourage side growth and will help achieve bigger harvests. We don’t recommend using this when you are doing a SOG grow.

Information about Super Mad Sky Floater

Super Mad Sky Floater is a great hybrid that is on the verge of what modern day cannabis breeding can achieve. It is the perfect mix of crossing some of the most sought-after strains on the planet. Old school classics like Blueberry and Hash Plant come together with the new school funk of the East Coast Sour Diesel. Her offspring shows a beautiful variety of pheno’s with a different aroma, taste and high. It’s pretty difficult to describe in a few words, complex might suit her best and it is this complexity that makes this strain so unique. Don’t wait any longer and experience this yourself!

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