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G14 Auto

Legendary and Sophisticated.
  • Ideal for beginners. Can be cultivated anywhere and by anyone, a fool proof strain.
  • Conveniently discreet. Stout and compact, ideal for stealth growers.
  • Nicely iced. Super frosty buds that make for deliciously dank extractions.
  • Calm and relaxed. A cosy and anxiety-free effect, perfect for having a peaceful time.
  • Hashy flavours. Expect woody and citrusy flavours with a peppery spice edge.


    One of our top varieties recommended for beginners, G14 is a remarkable strain that can be cultivated well in different environments, both indoor and outdoor. It’s quick blooming times, and stout, compact form makes it perfect for discreet growing. It’s a high THC, Indica-dominant strain with subtly sweet and hashy flavours, that will leave users relaxed and happy.

    Bud description


    G14’s buds are dense in various shades of green with a tendency to show silvery blue and purple hues, all the while covered in frost. Given its hash plant lineage, the buds are uber sticky and perfect for extractions.

    Smoke report


    Serene but sociable, G14 will Ieave you anxiety-free and feeling cosy. A great night time smoke, perfect for relaxing. Many consumers recommend stocking up on munchies as this one is known to increase the appetite!

    Plant Appearance


    Typical Indica structure with tight internodal spacing, G14 produces a large central cola, with sizeable side branches, all of which swell up with sticky buds in late flower. Growers can expect a fairly compact plant, around 60-110cm, which with LST applied, is perfect for stealthy balcony grows.

    Grow Tips

    While not quite set it and forget it, G14 is a very forgiving plant and easily cultivated by growers of all levels. Especially recommended for beginners due to her stability and resistance. Basic veg and bloom nutrients and a standard dose should keep her fed and as always, LST is recommended to increase her already hefty yield of around 400-500 g/m2.


    G14’s known for its pleasant hashy flavour profile; sweet with a little kick of peppery spice contribute to the main flavours of this strain, while hints of citrus and wood make up the undertones.

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