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Pamir Gold®

Western Himalayas Hybrid

Product info

Why should I buy Pamir Gold feminized cannabis seeds?

  • Pamir Gold is a perfect variety for guerrilla and outdoor growers in mountainous areas.

  • It is a tough cannabis strain that is easy to grow, even first-time growers/beginners can get a good yield.

  • Pamir Gold is very durable and robust, this variety can withstand a changeable climate better than any other variety. She is known for a guaranteed harvest even in the harshest conditions.

  • The buds grow big and heavy, giving the user a relaxed, feel-good high with a hybrid effect. She has a complex and tasty terpene profile.

Pamir Gold has a sweet, floral and spicy aroma with earthy notes, the taste is sweet, sour and earthy. Overall a very complex terpene profile

Pamir Gold is an Indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain with a sweet earthy taste with a hint of lemon and pear. The aroma can best be described as sweet (and slightly fruity) with more floral and spicy notes. Some phenotypes may also smell a little more earthy. Other plants may have a slightly more acidic and chemical terpene profile.

It is a unique and complex aroma, which cannot really be compared to other varieties. The taste can also be slightly sour with sweeter, fruity and floral notes that remind you of a fruit orchard in bloom. All in all, a nice type of weed to smoke in a joint or to vape. The subtle taste is a real treat for outdoor gourmets!

Pamir Gold is very suitable as a guerrilla plant and also does well in mountainous areas

Pamir Gold is one of Dutch Passion's two 'highland' varieties and one of the strongest and most robust cannabis seeds for guerrilla cultivation available worldwide. It may not be the fastest bloomer, but she is very resistant to bad weather and cold temperatures.

She can even be grown in the mountains or hilly areas where the differences in day and night temperatures are usually much greater than at sea level. Despite the large, full blooms, the chance of mould and bud rot is extremely small.

What kind of genetics are in Pamir Gold?

The origin of Pamir Gold lies in the western part of the Himalayas in Tajikistan. This region, known for its high Pamir mountain peaks that rise to about 7,500 m above sea level, is also known as 'the roof of the world'. This is where the Pamir Gold name comes from.

In the Swiss Alps, we adapted Pamir Gold to the Swiss Highlands through a selection that took several years. We eventually used these selections for seed production in the Netherlands. This is an Indica dominant hybrid that has unprecedented toughness and robustness.

Her genetic background makes her very suitable for growing in mountainous areas. A changeable climate does not stop this lady and she can also be grown in temperate climates at sea level. The ultimate guerrilla plant because of her natural durability!

Pamir Gold is a tough outdoor plant with a favourable flower-to-leaf ratio and a high yield

Pamir Gold is a very tough outdoor plant. This strain was developed for outdoor cultivation but can also be grown indoors under artificial light. It is a compact, medium sized plant that is highly resistant to mould, mildew and bud rot. The yield is above average, and this is mainly due to her full, firm buds. In the open ground, this strain grows to about 1.5-2.5 meters.

She has a fast-to-medium flowering time. Cold temperatures and large differences in day and night temperatures can delay flowering time. But fear not, this lady continues to grow steadily and the buds get fuller and harder as time goes by. She has a favourable flower-to-leaf ratio with only small leaves surrounding the flower. The flowers can be quite long and usually grow closely in a large bloom.

It is truly a beautiful open ground variety. She will grow towers of buds that may well require some support towards the end of the flowering phase. Whether you live on a hill a few hundred meters above sea level or in the mountains at 1000-2000 m high, or even in a wet and cold climate at sea level, Pamir Gold always knows how to deliver!

There are hardly any cannabis strains to be found that are as suitable for a wet, cold and changeable climate as our Pamir Gold. This cannabis strain is based on a landrace from the western Himalayas and can provide a good harvest even in harsh conditions.

This is an easy strain to grow and great for beginners growing cannabis for the first time. She does not require any special feeding schedules or growing methods to achieve good results. Give the plant a sunny spot in your garden (or in nature) and she will reward you with a bountiful harvest.

Pamir Gold is a hybrid cannabis strain, which means that her appearance can show both Indica and Sativa characteristics. The leaves are usually thinner and slender during the flowering phase, some plants can foxtail and become very long, but have the compactness of an Indica. The blooms can be thicker than your fist and therefore provide a large yield.

The internode distance of Pamir Gold is short to medium. The main buds can grow nicely together with only small gaps in the bloom. The favourable flower-to-leaf ratio ensures that fewer rotten leaves can linger, which in turn reduces the chance of mould and bud rot even further.

The genetics used to grow Pamir Gold guarantee the following properties:

  • A uniquely robust hybrid cannabis plant with a high yield
  • Pamir Gold is perfectly suited to outdoor cultivation. She does very well as an open ground variety and her high durability makes her the ultimate plant for guerrilla growers
  • She produces nice full blooms with a favourable flower-to-leaf ratio. This ensures that cutting and trimming this strain is quick and easy

Pamir Gold can be grown in almost any type of climate and in almost any location, whether you live in the hills, mountains or near the sea, this strain is guaranteed to provide you with a generous harvest.

Effects of Pamir Gold

Pamir Gold has a subtle but pleasant high. It is a hybrid high with both a physical and mental effect. The THC level of this highland variety delivers a medium strength effect which means that the high never becomes overwhelming, but rather lasts very gradually and does not peak. The effect is initially more physical than mental and users experience a calm sense of well-being mixed with physical relaxation that transforms into a subtle couch-lock feeling.

This strain also seems to help with pain relief. The mental effect mainly gives a slightly euphoric and invigorating 'head-rush'. She gives a small boost of energy and lets your thoughts flow wonderfully, it is a nice strain to get creative with. Pamir Gold seems to open new cerebral connections and ensures that you remain very relaxed at the same time. This is a marijuana strain that is suitable for use in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

The flowering time of Pamir Gold

Pamir Gold has an average bloom time of about 7-9 weeks. This strongly depends on the climate and the conditions in which she is grown. In an ideal indoor setting, or in an outdoor climate with stable temperatures and plenty of sunshine, most plants will be ready for harvest within 7-8 weeks of flowering. In a changeable climate she can take a few weeks longer and flower for up to 10 weeks.

Even though some plants need a little longer, they will flower, even in the most appalling conditions. This hybrid is a real outdoor champ, her genetic background and many years of selection in the Swiss Alps make this the ultimate plant for guerrilla and mountain growers. Pamir Gold can also be grown in greenhouses. She actually does well everywhere, a very potent and stable outdoor strain that allows anyone to produce a top yield.

The yield from Pamir Gold

Pamir Gold grows to about 1.5-2.5 meters outdoors with a compact to medium sized plant structure. This is a plant that does not stretch very much, it has a more bushy Indica character. As a result, the buds become quite firm and thick. The leaves, on the other hand, can show slightly more Sativa characteristics. The yield indoors will be around 400g/m2. That in a very short flowering time of about 7-8 weeks.

Outdoors, Pamir Gold can provide very good yields. Plants that have developed well can yield approximately 250-500 grams. Even guerrilla plants grown in harsh environments can yield several hundred grams per plant. For guerrilla cultivation, the yield will be somewhere between 50-200g per plant, depending on the pre-growth/veg period, the weather and the number of hours of sunlight per day.

Advice from our experts

Pamir Gold does well outdoors in the ground, but can also be grown in pots. Keep in mind that she prefers aerated soil and will benefit from being grown in pots which ensure a lot of air, such as a root pouch, smart pot or air pot. This helps to prevent root rot.

Although Pamir Gold is a very robust plant outdoors, we recommend that you pre-grow her indoors for a few weeks. It's not essential per se, but it gives the ladies a useful developmental edge. Germination is possible outdoors, but because the cannabis seedling is then at her most fragile/vulnerable stage, we don’t recommend this for guerrilla cultivation.

Use a plant with an established root system and a number of growth shoots and the rest of the cultivation will go smoothly. Even in the most difficult conditions, this lady can provide you with a rich harvest. If you grow her outdoors, provide a sheltered spot, but one that is still windy, this will make for stronger branches that will eventually support larger blooms.

More information about Pamir Gold

Pamir Gold is the perfect choice for both the outdoor grower and the guerrilla grower who lives at higher altitudes. But this outdoor cannabis seed also thrives in flat lower altitude regions nearer sea level. It is therefore also one of the most suitable strains for outdoor cultivation in temperate climates. Her strong resistance to mould/bud rot and good yields have made this strain very popular within the outdoor grower community.

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