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The Ultimate®

Original The Ultimate

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Why should I buy The Ultimate feminised seeds?

  • The Ultimate is a balanced hybrid with a super fat yield

  • This variety is easy to grow and suitable even for beginners, with truly epic yields in the hands of an expert

  • The Ultimate has mega-sized flowers. The plant remains medium in size but the buds are XXL-sized. The aroma is pungent with spicy notes of pine, lemon and gasoline

  • This classic cannabis variety is suitable for any growing method and grow medium. With proper care and attention this strain will produce dense blooms as long as your arm

The Ultimate has a pungent scent with piney, spicy and fruity notes

The Ultimate has a strong, pungent aroma. During flowering the aroma changes several times and towards the end of the flowering she has a spicy and pungent scent of pine, petrol and citrus fruit. The aroma can sometimes be slightly more fruity and sweet, but this only occurs with a few phenotypes. During the last 4 weeks the smell becomes stronger and therefore it is recommended to use good carbon filters. The dried bud can sometimes smell a bit more earthy and spicy, but as soon as you break it open or grind it, the more fruity and piney aroma will come your way. The taste is comparable to the smell; spicy, fruity and quite Skunky with occasional sweeter notes.

The Ultimate is one of the highest yielding strains available

The Ultimate is one of the highest yielding cannabis strains ever created. She is a balanced 50% Indica / 50% Sativa variety with an excellent reputation for easy and large yields. It is a customer favourite due to the extremely high yield and robust growth. The blooms are known for being long and thick. This strain produces massive blooms that can easily grow as thick as your forearm. The leaves are a nice dark green and the buds are a lighter green colour, full of foxtails and orange hairs. The buds actually look beautiful and are rich in trichomes. The combination of these sticky white buds and bright orange hairs will remind many growers of the best old school Skunk varieties from the past.

What kind of genetics are there exactly in The Ultimate?

Through careful breeding we have developed one of our best varieties. We called her "The Ultimate". The Ultimate combines a very high yield with professional quality. The original parents have remained a secret because we wanted The Ultimate to be recognised as a variety in her own right. What we can say is that she is very much like a strong, easy to grow Skunk that usually combines big yields with high potency. Her buds can have a Sativa appearance but become much fuller and thicker than those of the average Sativa strain. Few strains can match this classic cannabis strain from Dutch Passion!

The Ultimate is a strong hybrid cannabis plant with very long heavy flowers and an XXL yield

The Ultimate is a powerful balanced hybrid cannabis variety. Our seed breeders have worked hard to give this stable hybrid the highest possible yield. This strain has a normal growth rate, it is mainly the final size and weight of the buds that makes the difference.

During the flowering phase, the plants have a medium-to-high stretch. During this period of stretching the plants will grow vertically as well as in width. The Ultimate is known as a light feeder and with sufficient light and perfect growing conditions she can grow into a beautiful cannabis plant completely filled from top to bottom with sturdy long buds. This stretch lasts an average of 3 weeks after the clock changed to 12/12 bloom lighting. From the moment stretch stops, the bloom development begins. At the same time the production of the trichomes starts and continues at a rapid pace.

During the last 4 weeks of the flowering phase, bud production will go into the next gear and you will see the flowers swell into incredibly long and heavy ‘colas’. The buds get hard and compact, this variety likes high light levels during the flowering phase. It is best to support the tops by means of a net or with supporting cord, so that they don’t sag under their own weight. This 50/50 Indica/Sativa is a truly beautiful strain. She is the strain of choice for those looking for a balanced hybrid with mega-sized buds. Beyond her size, she is very tolerant of nutrition and temperature changes, making her suitable for novice growers as well. However, humidity in bloom should be kept low (<50% at all times) to prevent mould and bud rot.

The genetics used for The Ultimate guarantee the following properties:

  • A potent cannabis hybrid with moderate stretching during the flowering phase
  • An XXL yield with extremely large buds that require some support during the flowering phase
  • The potent flowers have a pungent aroma of pine and lime combined with more sweet and earthy notes

The Ultimate is the ideal strain for growers looking for the highest yield possible.

Effects of The Ultimate

The Ultimate has a strong, potent high. Many users experience a powerful high that hits quickly and lasts for a long time. For people with a low tolerance, it is useful to know that this is a strong high that becomes more intense the more you smoke. Are you new/inexperienced with cannabis? Then vape / smoke this variety at your leisure and have a short pause during smoking to allow the high to take full effect.

It is usually a very calming, uplifting "up-high" with a strong anti-anxiety effect. It can also contain a creative element that feels energetic and peaceful at the same time. It is a good strain for smoke sessions with friends because you can just relax without feeling trippy or anxious. As a result, The Ultimate is also highly appreciated by many medical users. She is also known as a strain that can numb that pain, probably due to her partial Indica heritage and exceptional terpene profile.

The flowering time of The Ultimate

Flowering time takes an average of 9 weeks, with explosive bloom development over the last 2-3 weeks. The Ultimate absorbs many nutrients during the growth cycle and can handle a high light intensity during the flowering phase, this benefits the final yield. The Ultimate is a medium sized plant that normally grows to around 0.75m-1m, and in some cases even a bit taller. She produces very thick flowers on side branches and the main cola.

Experienced growers will appreciate the exceptional bloom power during the late weeks of flowering. This strain produces a lot of white pistils, even until the end of the flowering phase. In the most favourable conditions, she needs about 9 weeks of 12/12 indoor light to mature. It is best harvested when the trichomes are mainly cloudy.

The yield from The Ultimate

The Ultimate has a heavy harvest and grows to an average of around 75cm, ideal for indoor cultivation. This strain is known for her very generous yields in almost all types of growing conditions. Yields of around 500-600g/m2 are easy to achieve.

She grows well in soil, coco and on a hydro system. She does very well in a SCROG grow and is able to produce XXL yields of well over 600g/m2. Even with a single plant of this strain, you can achieve more than 750g/m2 with the right knowledge, care and growing conditions. However, this is only reserved for the most experienced growers who also work with the best lamps, growing systems, nutrition and other cultivation products.

Outdoors she becomes very large and can carry several kilos per plant. The Ultimate does well in controlled greenhouses and in warm dry climates where the risk of mould is much less. In a temperate / cold climate you might be better off growing the autoflower version of The Ultimate called Auto Ultimate.

Advice from our experts

An important tip when growing The Ultimate is not to start flushing too early and certainly not to harvest it too early. This variety rewards the grower's patience with an extra fat yield! We also recommend using a dehumidifier during the flowering phase, because the buds will become so thick and compact that you want to give mould as little chance as possible!

If you want to get the most out of this lady, try growing her in a SCROG (Screen of Green). If you prefer low-stress training you can bend her during the growth phase and secure with garden cord to allow her to grow more in width. Either method will ensure that all buds will receive an equal amount of light and that will enable you to achieve an epic yield!

Information about The Ultimate

The Ultimate is one of the most appreciated varieties in our collection. In terms of yield, she is without a doubt one of the best yielding plants in our collection. Only Power Plant and Amsterdam Amnesia can come close to this XXL yield. Besides the great yield, she is also easy to clone and very potent, so we cannot recommend this strain highly enough!

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